Dedicated to the memory of my mother Dora (Eek) Johnson. When young she wrote letters to families in Alberta and Iowa. Not having many family visitors this encouraged her, correspondence, genealogy collecting, organizing, saving, and recording family information. She took many pictures, sharing her interest in history, geography and genealogy.

Dora's Powell's and Donovan’s ancestors came from Ireland, settled in the Eastern Township of Quebec. Some of their grown children went to Boston, Mass., USA area for work. The opening of Alberta homestead land brought Great Grandparents Denis and Ellen (Donovan) Powell and family to Alberta. My grandmother Kathleen Powell was about 3 weeks old(born 02 AUG 1903) when the family arrived by train to High River, Alberta area.

In 1869 ancestor John Eek,(born 1862 in Sweden) and his family came to Iowa, USA. Later John left Iowa stopped and worked his way west and north. He stopped and worked at Anaconda, BC (now know as Greenwood). Later John acquired land at Rock Creek, BC. John return to Iowa 29 MAY 1900 married Paulina (Brandenburger). Paulina was born in Iowa the 13 NOV 1872 and her parents had come from Germany.

Dora married Harry Johnson whose Grandfather Halvor/Oliver Johnson came from Norway to Wisconsin. Halvor/Oliver Johnson a soldier who fought in the US Civil War and died in 1864 at Petersburg, Dinwiddle, Virginia USA. His spouse Martha Halvorson and her family came from Norway.

After husband’s death Martha remarried Johannes Tisdale/Tisdall. Their family move from Wisconsin to Iowa, then later to South Dakota with more children. Martha's son, Oliver Johnson later moved part of his family from South Dakota to Saskatchewan, Canada.

One of Oliver's fourteen children, Harry Amos Johnson married into the Baird family. The Bayard/Baird/Beard ancestors said to have originated in France, to Scotland, to England, USA, and into Saskatchewan. Other Beard/Baird family members said to have left England and went to Ireland and then on to Ontario Canada.

My ancestor Franklin "Frank" Kendall Baird was born in Michigan 25 FEB 1866 and died in Saskatchewan in 1953.

Franklin's father Robert Kendall Beard/Baird was born 02 DEC 1829 in Pennsylvania and died 18 JAN 1917 in Montana, USA. Robert married 1 JUL 1860, Huron Co., Ohio to Martha Odessa KING. Martha was born in New York state 27 DEC 1840 in New York state and died 13 DEC 1924 in Lambert, Richland Co., Montana. Still looking for Martha's parents and family??

Franklin "Frank" Baird spouse is of French Canadian ancestry from Quebec, Canada. Many of her French ancestors came in the mid 1600's to Quebec some left and returned. Our descendants of Gabrial DeCelle dit Duclos(1623-1671) and Jouineau/Juneau families went to USA. This was after the US Civil War ended in 1865 and their marriage in 1867. Michel (1832 - 1907) and Marie Mathilda (Juneau/Jouineau) (1846 - 1905) Duclos traveled to the USA. Michel and Mathilda children were born in USA and Manitoba, Canada.

Oliver JOHNSON (1861 - 1920) married Amelia Belle POTTER born 30 MAR 1870 in Indiana died 1945 Ogema, Saskatchewan. Amelia is the daughter of Martin VanBuren POTTER born 24 JUN 1837 Erie Co., NY died 18 MAY 1904 Glenham, South Dakota. The father of Martin is Earl POTTER born 1799/1800 but was not found in Erie Co., NY but another source suggested he was born in Massachusets, USA. The siblings of Martin's were born in New York state: 1. Esther (1823 - 1894) (married William Garner), 2. Amanda (1830 NY - ? )(married. ?), 3. Henrietta(1836 - 1889) twin (married William Lloyd), 4. Henry (1836 - 1899) twin had three marriages: 1st Isabella Montgomery, 2nd Elenor Knight, 3rd Margaret Marsh.

Martin Van Buren Potter married 1st 11 SEP 1858 to Sarah Ann LLOYD 2nd married 21 DEC 1865 at Marian, Grant Co., Indiana to Sarah Jane (NELSON) born 30 JAN 1848 Indiana - died 08 APR 1926 Glenham, South Dakota).

Irene married into the Eichel/Oicle/Oickle whose ancestor being a Hessian soldier arrived in Canada 1770's to fight with British Soldiers in the US Revolutionary War. The 29 AUG 1784 Johannes "John" EICHEL was married at St. John Anglican Church in Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia to Mary Elizabeth Boutaillier. At the end of the war Johannes "John" had settled in Lunenburg Co., NS. John as well as many of his descendants married many of the descendants of “The Foreign Protestant” group. The British had arranged for this group of European "Foreign Protestants" to help repopulate Nova Scotia. This group arriving between the years of 1750 - 1752.

Looking forward to connections, comments, information, and sharing would be greatly appreciate. Thank you. Irene.

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